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The Heidi Sawyer Group are worldwide leaders in helping Intuitive-Sensitive People realise sensitivity is their greatest asset. We provide life training for Intuitive-Sensitive People who want to increase their inner awareness and solve emotional patterns of the past.


We believe intuition is the heightened ability to see truth. To see truth, life must first be cleared of untruths, many of which are hidden in the unconscious. Since 1996 we’ve built our global business working with clients in 121 countries.

Global Business

74,409 Intuitive-Sensitive People have connected with us. More than 1 million views on YouTube.


We have worked directly with more than 5000 clients to help them heal emotional wounds through the power of the unconscious. Our work is with Intuitive-Sensitive People at every stage of the enlightenment journey. We do what we do because emotionally aware people are planet conscious people.

Uniquely Talented

Our flagship Enlightenment Path are run by Heidi Sawyer, one of the most well-known and respected authors on intuition today. We provide services for the keen beginner right through to those who have been soul seekers for many years. Our programmes are delivered through Heidi’s acclaimed attended and online training.


Highly Intuitive People has consistently been in the top 0.05% of all books sold on Amazon.

"We provide a bridge between scientific thought and ‘whole thinking’ helping you to develop fast instincts, empathic connection and instant rapport. We use a unique combination of cognitive science, spirituality, consciousness and transpersonal psychology.” Heidi Sawyer

See What People Are Saying!

"I found intuition, and it saved my life. My suggestion to people who are feeling a bit lost, or unsure and want to find out more about their intuition is simple: Try it!"

~ Jane Barnes, Inner Circle Member

"I am deeply grateful for my life choice, my sensitivity to KNOW I had to engage for things to be different”.


~ Cecile Plouy, Inner Circle Member

"I was looking for a solution to a problem but I didn’t really know what the problem was."​

~ Mary Dawson, Inner Circle Member

"I was looking to learn about myself, I was really curious about my own potential."​

~ Alexadra Breedon, Inner Circle Member

Please keep in mind that results may vary as everyone experiences our programs differently. While testimonials do come from customers, they do not guarantee specific results.

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