Soul Whisperer TrainingHealing the Inner Child

There is a part of you in search of healing - Your Inner Child. Your job is to become it's parent

We Provide You With A Monthly Membership Success Path to overcome your anxiety around feeling 'allowed' to do things you love by resetting the unconscious mindset patterns created by your Inner Child


It’s your inner child having a panic for instance, when you feel guilty for doing nothing  







You're Meant To Be Defined By YOU

Purpose is about living with expression, connection and a drive towards service that’s bigger than yourself, yet it’s tough to know how to balance respecting old ways with embracing what feels right, and personal to you.  You exist to discover depth, enthusiasm and joy from life, yet most of us find ourselves feeling alone and wondering if we’re too sensitive when we want more meaning in our life. We feel we should be loyal to our emotional heritage, the family history, but somehow at the same time, carve our own future.  

Especially now, with ever-increasing and intense demands for instant flexibility, it has become critically necessary to release old patterns, heal any scars left from emotional abuse and most importantly, let go of the burden of any outdated history that has been passed through the generations.


With such unprecedented adjustments occurring in the world right now, a huge pressure has been created around the human ability to accept instant change. 


This will highlight more than ever, the need to release the ‘energetic’ overload which many people unknowingly carry. An overload which originates from repeating unconscious patterns of childhood and then continues to grow until it dominates their internal world. 


Now, more than ever, those old patterns need to be released because there is simply no more room for people to carry the mental and emotional burdens of the past. There is a growing desperation to finally let go and release those burdens but they just don’t know how to.

Discover Flourishing After Numbness

Even though people are already built for connection and purpose, it doesn’t mean they wake up one day feeling it. No one has an automatic zest for life no matter what’s happening in their world. People earn their zest for life through inner work. 


The calming, taming and transformation of the inner child is what gives people the inner peace every human is searching for. 
You can settle for numbness and distraction, like most people do – continuing to let external circumstances dictate your internal balance and happiness or you can take a path based on easing unconscious overload so you can see your own path and inner truth. Then you can add contribution and purpose, by helping others find their way clear of numbness by showing them their soul’s path. 
You can wait in hope for life to rescue you or you can take charge and liberate your own future.

 “If you don’t make peace with your past, it will keep showing up in your present.”

Wayne Dyer

The world has come a long way. Now, children can be more expressive, are listened to, have an opinion, they’re now more seen and heard. They’re no longer the sensitive souls hiding behind shyness.


What’s the reason for children to be heard these days?


Because locked inside every one of us as adults, is a child looking for their sensitivity to be their greatest asset.

What If Everything You Need To Feel You Belong Was Already There & You Could Access It Whenever You Wanted To?

What if instead of trying to hide your sensitivity, you are who you are and that’s perfectly fine? What if all you need is to free your inner territory of the burdens of old patterns and you could engage with making a real difference in the world?


With the right tools you could…

  • Focus on expanding your contribution to consciousness (rather than wallow in everyday insecurities)
  • Tap effortlessly into a sense of belonging because you know yourself
  • Feel the magic of no longer feeling insecure
  • Have the resilience to deal with whatever life throws at you
  • Feel a natural confidence that attracts positive people into your life
  • Help others overcome their inner complexities using your natural skills

The Power of Healing Your Inner Child

Imagine your life devoid of critical thinking. Imagine you were walking around in a hypnotic state with no ability to think about, judge or reason any incoming information from your environment.


Imagine you had no choice; you could not analyse information good or bad, you just stored it in your unconscious mind as the utmost truth.


That WAS YOU during your first eight years of life, basically hypnotized, conditioned into a certain way of believing and being.


This is because babies and young children operate primarily their ‘delta’ or ‘theta’ brain state for the first few years. It’s a state adults sleep in or wander around in a mild meditative haze.


For the first few years of life, you were therefore flooded with other people’s beliefs – beliefs they shared and you were conditioned to believe too, such beliefs as:


  - Life is hard


  - Love is destructive


  - Life is way too dangerous so always worry


  - There is never enough for people like us


  - Nothing is easy


This conditioning just went in and sat there to be triggered again and again in adult life, some of which has been passed through the generations for centuries.

That's Why We've Developed

Soul Whisperer Training - Healing the Inner Child

A Monthly Membership Success Path to overcome your anxiety around feeling 'allowed' to do things you love by resetting the unconscious mindset patterns created by your Inner Child

The End of Repeating the Same Mistakes

You were designed as a creature of habit. As humans adapted to their environment through history, they developed habits and rituals to stay safe and secure. Loving a repeatable routine  is a good thing, but habits can keep you in a rut that becomes impossible to climb out of.


That’s why Soul Whisperer Training – Healing the Inner Child is designed to quickly and effectively access the unconscious to undo the conditioning that haunts rather than helps you, to create a relationship with your inner child that feels supported, secure and confident.

Soul Whisperer Training - Healing the Inner Child

Soul Whisperer Training – Healing the Inner Child is a membership journey of transformative self-discovery and the confidence to connect with your soul (unconscious) from the comfort of your own home. Each month you’ll receive teachings, meditation processes and LIVE sessions to move you towards your next level of spiritual awakening.


Never Underestimate the Power of Transformation

Walking the Soul Whisperer path is a subtle process of transformation through self-evaluation and truth. It’s not for the naïve. It’s not for those easily side-tracked into spiritual superiority of ‘them and us.’ The Soul Whisperer path is for the development of spiritual neutrality, the ability to see clearly, free of opinion or judgement. This is very much the process of being in touch with your psychological ‘unfinished business’ and helping others to discover theirs. It’s a journey towards the liberation of self, community and collective consciousness by resolving outdated psychological burdens, releasing what is no longer necessary for a lighter inner world. It is a journey towards the engagement of service, to help others release from their own heaviness whilst addressing yours. It is not a journey of self-indulgence.

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Become Your Own Soul Whisperer

When you join Soul Whisperer Training - Healing the Inner Child today you will receive the following every month:

Soul Whisperer


Core Becoming a SOUL WHISPERER Modules (monthly)

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LIVE Demonstration of Soul Whispering Sessions w/ Heidi (monthly)

Heidi Transforms Your Life Question Into Your "Aha!" Moment

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Archetype Online Short Courses (monthly)

To Develop Security and Happiness for Your Inner Child 

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Archetype LIVE Sessions w/Heidi (monthly)

To Dissolve Disaster Thinking and Insecurity  in the Unconscious

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Archetype Peer-led LIVE Sessions (monthly)

To Develop Confidence in Your Changing  Inner World 

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Be Coached Peer-led Practice LIVE Sessions (monthly)

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See What People Like You Say About Their Inner Child Transformations

2 days after…my company rang to say my redundancy severance pay is to increase by £5,000​

Julie Walsh

Within 2 weeks of the session, after 5 years of no romantic opportunities. My last boyfriend, the one I really loved, out of the blue, made contact with me and better still, we’ve slowly started to reconnect.​

Alison Fiander

It’s magically, aka without strenuous effort on my part, making me believe I could have my own business


Jennifer Escalante

What's My Purpose?

Whether you’ve come from an idyllic or troubled childhood, there is a deep desire within everyone to discover a sense of belonging and purpose. Often that transformation starts with a big change in life, sometimes it’s spontaneous but nearly always it’s driven by something uncomfortable, a shame or grief. Whatever it is, it is something you fear to touch even though you know that if you dare to touch it, a part of you will shatter and you will be able to put back something new together piece by piece. A new shaped you, a more expansive you.


That’s why part of what we offer is community, a place of deep understanding, people who get you and allow you to be you, whether you need a moment of fun, a space to grieve, or just your first experience of genuine acceptance. It’s not a ‘happy-clappie hugs all round’ kind of connection, it’s light, kind and pure.


Soul Whisperer Training – Healing the Inner Child will not only give you the connection you need, it will give you the space to be sensitive, introverted or outgoing and involved – the place to be just simply YOU and in that YOU, utter transformation is inevitable.

Why Is This So Important?

Make an intentional investment in yourself. With change all around you, consider Soul Whisperer Training – Healing the Inner Child to be your spiritual anchor, holding you firmly in place and providing an inner guidance system to to steer you away from anxiety and to give you the confidence and direction to add to your income base from the comfort of your own home (if you want it to).


The global health pandemic, economic adjustments and social unrest have magnified the fact we’re in different times. For some people, that has brought a sense of panic and helplessness but those are all external circumstances and no one can achieve full control of those.


With Soul Whisperer Training – Healing the Inner Child you can gain control over your inner world and your response to outer circumstances, you’ll feel better able and more equipped to deal with anything in your outer life.


And you have the invaluable opportunity to share your knowledge, wisdom and insight within a community and those you care about in this world. Never underestimate the power of how someone who needs help can spot a neutral, non-judgmental person, for them to have an immediate confidence to ask for assistance and how special that makes you feel.

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