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Soul Whisperer - 

Healing The Inner Child

There is a part of you in search of healing, called your Inner Child. Your job is to become it's parent.

Follow this proven Success Path to overcome your anxiety around feeling 'allowed' to do things you love

In September you will receive these from Heidi:

  • LIVE Demonstration of Soul Whispering Session

    Tues. 7th at 7pm: Where’s the Boundary?

    £37 Value

  • Archetype Online Short Courses 

    Fri. 10th from 7pm: The Queen Archetype - How to Access Your Mature Wisdom

    £37 Value

  • Archetype LIVE Sessions 

    Tues. 14th at 7pm: The Queen: Learning Boundaries Not Barriers 

    £37 Value

  • Core Becoming a SOUL WHISPERER Module 

    Fri. 17th from 7pm: Inner Child: Healthy Boundaries

    £37 Value

  • Total so far...

    £148 Value

In September you will also be invited to attend these  additional events with your peers:

  • Archetype Peer-led LIVE Sessions 

    Thurs. 23rd at 7pm: The Queen Archetype - How to Access Your Mature Wisdom

    £17 Value

  • Free Coaching LIVE Sessions 

    Thurs. 28th at 7pm: You will have the opportunity to be coached for free! Bring a question and get an answer - for free

    £17 Value

  • New Running Total...

    £182 Value

That's not all, because the Group meet at the dates and times above we wanted to give you something incredible you could get stuck into right away...

This complete and VERY popular course has been previously sold on its own for £197:

The Consciousness Transformation Kit is the best personal development course I have ever done and I have done many!

Matt, London, UK

  • CTK - Consciousness Transformation Kit

    Available immediately 

    £197 Value

  • New Running Total...

    £379 Value

Total Value

£379 GBP

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At the beginning I didn’t have a clear vision of what my next transition needed to be. Having put a lot of effort into my development over the years I was craving deeper transformation and healing and I was getting frustrated with my level of growth.​ I now have so much clarity around my current development path. 

Noreen, County Clare, Ireland

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I knew transformation was possible.  All my life I had been aware that there was always an inner guidance, and I wanted to tap into it; to discover who I was. 

Tracy Barthorpe

If I had to guide someone, in one sentence I would say to them:  
“You are valuable.  No matter what, you are valuable.”

Herlina Sari

I took this opportunity to start looking for depth – I decided to engage and find solutions that spoke to me rather than drift and hope for the best.

Cecile Plouy

I now make decisions quickly which are consistent with my behaviours by using my emotional guidance system. Working with Heidi has helped me realign my personal direction because I now have a better understanding of my desired destination.

Paul, Dorset, England



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