An Interactive Article Written by Heidi Sawyer

Why do some people have all the luck and

have great relationships?

Is it really luck or is it destiny?


If your destiny seems to be difficult relationships, how can you change it?


THE INSTANT YOU ARE BORN your life destiny begins. 


At this moment, imagine you are assigned a special code which holds the key to who you are and your unique fate. This unique code gives a basis of insight into your character, life path, love life and relationship dynamics. 


Your code also gives you instant insight into other people.


Is it not all just hocus-pocus, mumbo-jumbo?


What if it’s not..?


How useful would it be if you could really have instant insight into yourself and other people? Could it save you a lot of heartache?


Life Codes are a powerful method to provide deep insight into your own life and to understand other people’s lives and your relationships with them. 


In this article we are going to see the patterns between you and those closest to you and we are also going to understand your own code and the code of those relationships in your life which have the most impact


We have a lot to get through so we had best get started. First though a bit of background into a well known concept which dates back thousands of years, known as the Tree of Life, the version used looks like this...

To decipher the Life Codes, two main ancient enigma tools are combined and interpreted. In their own right these tools are complicated and difficult to decipher. The Life Codes simplify this ancient knowledge into something both magical and intriguing in a way which is easy to understand and apply to modern life.


OK so you know a bit about the Life Codes, now let's see if you agree with how the Life Codes describes you... 


You could look at the Life Codes as a "Spiritual Personality Profile", a bit like the ones they make you do at work, however the difference being the Life Codes go to a Soul-Level and reveal incredible insights into things like your relationships, your life purpose, how you make decisions and so much more! 




If you don't already know your Life Code number simply input your date of birth into the boxes below, press calculate and then read your description...

You now know your Life Code and what it means. You also have a feel for the energy of each Life Code number from your knowledge of some of the famous names above. 


Next we are going to take what we have learned so far and spot the patterns between you and those closest to you...

Step 1


After plotting your own code on the map of the Tree of Life, work out the codes of your loved ones, friends and family. You can work out the Life Code of anybody who has influence in your life, for example your partner, your children or even your boss, colleague or best friend - in fact anyone as long as you know their birth date. Doing so will give you instant understanding into others from a much deeper perspective.  


Once you have created your own personal 'Tree of Life Family Diagram', it might look something like this...

There will be a pattern forming, this pattern holds more than a few clues to the areas of relationships causing you issues and the ones you can rely on.


Plot everybody you know, especially those who have caused you the most challenges in your life. They may still have an important impact on any movements forward.



To see the patterns between you and those closest to you

You are now ready to map out your own personal Tree of Life Family Diagram

You will need:

Stage 1

 The Tree Of Life Diagram

You can download a lovely printable version here

Stage 2

 A list of living people closest to you now in your life


Pictures would be great, but if you don’t have pictures, just write out their names to add to your Tree.

They might include:

- your partner

- your ex-partner (if applicable)

- your partner’s ex-partner (if applicable)

- your children

- your mother

- your father

- your brothers and sisters

- your best friend or an important colleague at work

- your boss

Stage 3

The birth dates of the people you have included from the list above.

If you don't know them, is there someone you can ask to find out?

Stage 4

The Life Codes Calculator

Feel free to use this tool to calculate your own Life Code number or for your loved ones here: Enter a Date of Birth then press [Calculate]

Stage 5

Place them on your Tree, at the appropriate Life Code number

Stage 6

Do you notice any patterns?

If you can't see a pattern, don't worry we'll get to that later. 

Step 2



You will see why some of the relationships in your life work,

and why others are not so strong

The Life Codes provide the basic personality and outline character of each person. The position of your Life Code as it fits into the Tree of Life is essential to gain an insight into how you react to others in your life. 


For instance, if you and your partner have the same Life Code, e.g. Life Code 4, you will both have similar views and direction. Life Code 4 is a sensible energy, stoical and reliable. With both of you in that energy you may find your relationship has become stagnant. If you know the reasons as to why, then you have the choice and ability to adjust it.

By looking at each of the Life Code descriptions, you will see why some of the relationships in your life work, and why others are not so strong. 



The patterns are seen with who is where on the tree. Those in the column to the left do better in life when there is time to pause. Those on the right, their first instinct is correct. The central column should aim to be flexible. If they are living their life differently, conflict exists, life stalls rather than flows. 


The Tree of Life is said to flow through all areas of life because the system, in varying forms, has been a secret underlying Universal patterns and society. The Tree though is not learnt, it is revealed. As your understanding of it deepens, you reveal more about your patterns through life, purpose, and the 'why' of your relationships. 

Step 2



Solving relationship issues is where you feel "that’s easier said than done".


Would it be easier if you knew how other people work their way through life and your role in that?


Would that make for harmonious connections?  The ability to avoid hurt.


Imagine if you could easily confirm where you’re wasting your time, when it’s them and not you. 


How much easier would that feel?

If you’ve had enough of empty relationships and want

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