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When I started out in the world of the enlightenment journey, I had no idea what it was, or what I had got myself into. All I knew, I was fascinated with intuition, consciousness and psychology. The fascination I believe started with wanting an answer to life’s ‘why’ questions:

  • Why did I feel other people’s emotions intensely?
  • Why was I sensitive?
  • Why did I seem to know people’s true motivation rather than the one they presented?
  • Why did I know the general patterns people would follow?
  • Why did I always want to do the opposite to what I was told to do?
  • Why was I feeling the only one who thought the environment I grew up in wasn’t quite right?

I felt alone in my quest for finding a sense of truth and where I fit in.


We provide a service for Intuitive-Sensitive People to find their own sense of truth and to never feel alone on that journey the way I did. I wanted other people like me to find their life purpose and fulfilment without feeling they were either weak for exploring their psychological make-up or weird for wanting more than superficial connections.


I also understood I wanted some sort of answers to spiritual questions but my beliefs were not religious or superstitious. I wanted to honour the idea of faith, but without religion.


Since 1996, I have pursued the answers to those questions whilst building a business that honours the values of Intuitive-Sensitive People. I wanted to show you can create the life you believe in, despite any previous limitations.


I started the enlightenment journey with no family, no friends, no home, no car, no job and no money. I felt stripped to the bone, completely naked, yet determined. I started with faith, not in a God, a faith in the journey, a belief I would do whatever it takes. I was 23 and possibly very naive.

Today, I have created the working and personal life most people only get to dream of. My work is completely in line with my values and has a strong purpose. I have family, I have a very happy marriage, I have a lovely home and I have amazing friends. I even have a stunning office environment with a very dedicated team.


There are no game players in my existence yet I have experienced many. Your Journey with us, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned (enlightenment) traveller, is through our core concept, Enlightenment Path, which supports you through the stages of your journey to enlightenment.


Enlightenment is the journey from fear to peace and can be experienced through our Enlightenment Path Group Mentorship 6-month programme up to Heidi Unlimited (Personal) 1-2-1 Mentorship with me over an intense 12 week period.

See What People Are Saying!

"I found intuition, and it saved my life. My suggestion to people who are feeling a bit lost, or unsure and want to find out more about their intuition is simple: Try it!"

~ Jane Barnes, Inner Circle Member

"I am deeply grateful for my life choice, my sensitivity to KNOW I had to engage for things to be different”.


~ Cecile Plouy, Inner Circle Member

"I was looking for a solution to a problem but I didn’t really know what the problem was."​

~ Mary Dawson, Inner Circle Member

"I was looking to learn about myself, I was really curious about my own potential."​

~ Alexadra Breedon, Inner Circle Member

Please keep in mind that results may vary as everyone experiences our programs differently. While testimonials do come from customers, they do not guarantee specific results.



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